The only way to get more female protagonists in games is to get more women in the industry working on games.

In my entire games development year group at university (Across all the subjects, theory, design, art, programming) there are only two or three women. In my class there’s none at all. I’m pretty much seeing first hand why there is a shortage of stories told from the perspective of women in games and that’s because there’s barely any women to take that perspective from.

My point being, more women need to get into game development and only then will you see more female protagonists in games.

Have you considered that the chain of causality goes the other way as well? Yes, a (relative) lack of women making games is certainly one reason why there are so few female protagonists. But it’s also true that a lack of representation is a very clear signal (one of many, including sexist marketing and others) that tells women “you are not wanted here.” And who would want to work where they are so clearly not wanted?

Some of your word choices (especially “only”) lead me to think you’re implying, as so many have said before, that women should stop advocating for more representation, because the only answer is for them to make games themselves. I’m suggesting that your first sentence (“The only way [or one way] to get more female protagonists in games is to get more women in the industry working on games.”) is just as true when reversed (“The only way [or one way] to get more women in the industry working on games is to get more female protagonists in games.”)

ETA: To me, it seems backwards to look at an objectively sexist industry with near zero representation, and decide that the onus to fix it is on the women who haven’t even entered the profession yet, instead of the legions of men who have been owning and running the industry for decades. Why is it more reasonable to ask women to fight their way into an industry that hates them - through harassment, marginalization and lower pay - just so they can make their own games their way, than it is to ask the people who already make games to maybe start thinking of women as compelling characters and human beings? That, to me, seems to be the easier - and more just - route to take.

I’m really confused about why women who ARE in the industry are expected to tell the stories of men, but men in the industry aren’t expected to tell the stories of women. What exactly makes men incapable of it….??????


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“Home is behind, the world ahead. And there are many paths to tread. Through shadows to the edge of night. Until the stars are all alight. Mist and shadow, cloud and shade. All shall fade. All shall … fade.”


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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Re: that dramarising post... What's going on with that? I know you can't name names, but I've been in light for a short while and was curious. Something about spreadsheets? You don't have to answer if you don't want to, of course! I was just curious.
paperparachute paperparachute Said:

There’s not really much to say. There were miscommunications within an organization team, and unfortunately I think a particular person felt ganged up on (their ideas were shot down, because the organizers and the rest of the team had already decided on doing things a different way beforehand, I believe). This person had been (unintentionally, I think) causing rising tensions for some time in the organization thread before a spreadsheet mishap. I personally watched the team make several attempts to explain and get them on board with everyone else, but the two seemed to be communicating on a different wavelength. The mix up with the spreadsheet kinda broke the camel’s back, I think. Obviously the spreadsheet was reverted back and it’s fine now, but it took a very long time for the organizers to get it back to the point that it had been, time that could have been better spent doing other things.

I know the team regrets that that happened, and doesn’t have any hard feelings. As I understand it, a lot of care was taken to be understanding and sensitive in their communications with this person, but the issue doesn’t seem to have been resolved. The person deleted most of their posts and left the flight. The issue has been over and done with for some time already, until some of us light flighters saw this post on DR.

I didn’t involve myself in any of the discussions. I thought it was a shame that channels of communication couldn’t have been clearer. But I don’t think that there was anything the team could have done better. Organization has gone a lot more smoothly since then.


1. smoke gene is ugly. no, okay, not ugly, but it’s plain simple and dumb and straightforward. it doesn’t match with anything. it’s just slapped over the top of everything else. it doesn’t blend in at all. crap(((


2.light flight bit**es are really annoying. really, really sassy, ignorant, hypocryte, bossy old users. I’ve tried talking to them so many times, guess what? THAT DOES NOT FIT WITH THE SPIRIT OF OUR FLIGHT. We know better. We are the spirit of the Light Flight, don’t you dare to suggest any changes, don’t question us, don’t question traditions, shush you there, sit in your corner, we know better, oh, of course we are not forcing our opinion on to you, we are just saying what we think, but you know what? we know better as we were here from the beginning of times and we’ll be here forever. Do it OUR way only for the sake of the the never-changing-oh-so-sweet-Light-Flight. Fuck that attitude, you know. You are not sweet, you are sour.


Assuming this is the person I think it is:  I never spoke to you personally, but questioning traditions is a bit different than spending 7-8 hours tearing apart a collaborative spreadsheet without notifying anyone or asking if the re-arrangement was okay. If it’s a ‘tradition’ to ask each other before altering their work, then I think that’s a tradition I want to keep. Common courtesy and consideration is valued in Light Flight for a reason. 

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