Stumbled across this on youtube, and got pretty annoyed.

Here, have a nice helping of body shaming. Here, have one more person telling you that your problems are you own fault. That unwanted sexual advances are YOUR fault.

"I know I’m no one to judge," doesn’t change the fact that you’re judging.

"The best curve on a girls body is her smile."

Shut up, I like my breasts. And my hips. Don’t you dare decide for me which curve is the best one.

"Put your boobs away," 

How about I put my boobs wherever I want? They’re MY boobs. Not yours.

"You say all guys want sex, but in general it’s your fault."

Your fault for having boobs. Your fault for having a feminine body. Your fault for wearing what you want, clothes OR make up. Because there’s definitely a correlation between cleavage/make up and guys wanting to get into your pants. Because guys don’t sexually harass women who AREN’T wearing make up or showing cleavage, that would be ridiculous! They wouldn’t even DREAM of making advances on a woman in jeans and a teeshirt! 

And as if guys are mindless animals who can’t possibly keep their pants zipped in the presence of breasts. 

How about it’s GUY’S fault if they harass women for sex?! How about it’s THEIR OWN FAULT for being dick heads, NOT OURS??!

That’s called victim blaming, and you’re not a hero for it, you’re an asshole.

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